TBC cakes are not just pleasing to the eyes but heavenly tasting too only because the finest ingredients are used in the creation of all our cakes. Peeps, here are the common items in my pantry and  Baking space ... 
  • Top of the Range Butter 
  • Belgium chocolate
  • Free range eggs 
  • Vanilla beans 
  • Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

Cake Flavors :
- Heavenly Butter Cake
- Seduced by Chocolate
- Citrus Orange Butter Cake
- Traditional Eurasian Sugee Cake
-Rose Red Velvet Cake

Frosting :

-Rolled Fondant
*Crusting Butter Cream
Available Flavors :
-Premium Belgium Chocolate Ganache
-Rotal Icing

Fillings :

-Crusting Butter Cream
(Flavor: vanilla/orange/lemon/coffee/peanut butter)
-Choco Hazelnut Spread
-Premium Chocolate Ganache
-Premium Chocolate Butter Cream
-White Chocolate Butter Cream (add RM30 per recipe)

There are no fixed pricing as each order is customized with handmade sugar artworks. 
It depends on quite a few factors namely : 

1) Flavor 
2) Size of the cake
3) Fillings in between cake layers 
4) Complexity of design

Tip : 
Those who want a ''BIG'' looking cake but don't really want that much cake to share and eat. Cake Dummies are your savior. We can combine dummy tiers with real cake to make it appear big and perfect for photos!!  

Designer Cupcake

Cupcake Flavors :
* Vanilla
* Belgium Chocolate
* Chocolate Banana
* Chocolate - Orange
* Cookies and Cream
* Red Velvet
* Tulip White (Weddings / Engagements/Anniversaries)

All the cupcakes can be paired with a variety of buttercream frosting or jams.

All cupcakes are baked in white souffle cups 
[Large- approx 3.25oz]

Additional charges will apply for:
1) Handcrafted/printed cupcake wrappers
2) Handcrafted/printed cupcake toppers
3) Extra embellishments on buttercream cupcakes e.g. sprinkles, small fondant décor, etc
4) Personalized cupcake cases in a variety of colors/patterns to coordinate with your party theme and colors.