Saturday, January 29, 2011

Naughty, Sexy Cupcakes

Fondant Naughty, Sexy Cupcakes 

A hot combination of cupcakes...
Vanilla Cupcakes with Fondant 
Meera I hope hubby loved his special treat... 
Thank you lots for this order.

Naughty Cupcakes

Xtra Naughty Cupcakes 

Naughty, Sexy Fondant Cupcakes for Hubby
Vanilla Cupcakes with Fondant
Thank you Meera for this order

Queen of Hearts Cupcakes

Queen of Hearts

Amour Cupcakes 
Heavenly Vanilla Cupcakes with buttercream and Sugar hearts 
Thank you Meera for this lovely order 

Teletubbies and Gummy Bears Cupcakes

Teletubbies and Gummy Bear Cupcakes

A very special order
Thank you Vicky for the order

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Casino Cupcakes

Fondant Casino Cupcakes 

Casino Cupcakes
Vanilla Cupcakes with Fondant Casino Decor
Thank you Agnes for the order ...

Chinese New Year Cupcakes

Chinese New Year Cupcakes 

 Corporate Gift - CNY Cupcakes 
Thank you Meera for this order @ Malaysia Kini 

Fondant Car Cake

Car Cake

Car cake for Boys 
Butter Cake with Fondant Decor 
Happy Birthday Poovin !!! 

Heart Box of Hearts

Heart Box of Hearts 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BMW Cake

BMW Cake

BMW Cake
Chocolate Walnut Fudge Brownies
Frosting : Chocolate Ganache
Design: Fondant
Thank you Deborah and Raj for the order

Tortoise Cake

Tortoise Cake 

Tortoise Cake
Flavor : Butter Cake
Frosting : Buttercream
Design : Fondant
Thank you Shamala for the order