Cake Pricing Guide

Cake Prices for other Celebration Cakes:


Birthday and Celebration Cakes 

Standard 2D cakes starts from RM 300 per design for a7'' cake.

2- tier, 6 & 8 inch cakes starts from RM 650.00

3- tier, 6, 8 & 10 inch starts from RM 1050.00 


Pricing is based on flavor, size, no. tiers, and complexity of design. 

3D and Sculptured Cakes
Sculptured cakes are priced by the design of the cake, starting from RM 500. All 6'' cakes with a single 3D handcrafted figurine (e.g. animals, babies, Mickey, Barney, etc) starts from  RM 350  and each additional figurine is priced from RM80

Cake Prices for Wedding Cakes:

Round cakes based on Regular Cake Flavors 

Our cakes are priced on size (not weight) and according to cake flavors, fillings, frosting and complexity of design.


Cake SizesPrice from
7 inch and belowRM 350 per tier
8-9 inch  RM 500 per tier
10-11 inchRM 650 per tier
12 inchRM 750 per tier
14 inchRM 850 per tier
e.g. A 3-tier wedding cake of 6-8-10 inch would be from (RM 350+ 500 + 650) = RM 1500.00

Other sizes available. Please call for more information.

Additional Charges:

• Free cake tasting is available upon confirmation of order of RM 1000 and above for all cake flavors except fruit cake. Free tasting of fruit cake is available upon order confirmation of RM 1500 and above. Cake tasting is not available for orders that are confirmed less than 3 weeks before the delivery date.


Additional Charges onAdditional from
Specialty Cake FlavorsRM 50 per tier
Classic Cake FlavorsRM 50 per tier
Fruit CakeRM 80 - RM 500 per tier
Specialty Cake FillingsRM 30 per tier
Cake shapes other than round and square*RM 50 per tier
Sugar flowers, Fondant bows or drapes, Hand paintingRM 80 per tier
Air brushing, Silver/Gold decorations, Intricate LacesRM 80 per tier
Handcrafted Couple Figurine ToppersRM 100 per couple
Designs with columns, pillars and separator platesRM 60 per tier
3D handcrafted figurinesRM 60 per figurine


* For examples hexagon, petal, heart, etc.