About The Bliss Cupcakes

I enjoy baking cupcakes and cakes ever since I was a kid. Now, running my very own online shoe business ''My Peeptoez'' and having my very well deserved 'ME' time has allowed me to start baking again. What started out as time pass baking for family, soon began to develop into a small home business catering to friends, families and neighbors.

Welcome to my wonderful world of cupcakes and cakes. The Bliss Cupcakes is most certainly not a commercial bakery. TBC is just my cozy kitchen where I bake these scrumptious cakes for all who loves and adores my designs...
The Bliss Cupcakes are baked freshly on a bake to order basis. By this way, I ensure its freshness and deliver blissfully satisfying, attractive, oh so delicious, sugary sweetness and heavenly goodness every time.

The Bliss Cupcakes creations are baked to order from scratch using only the finest ingredients. There is no substitutes, no shortcuts and with extra smiles on top.

The Bliss Cupcakes delicious homemade treats are a festive addition to any function, parties, special occasion, formal events, business meetings, baby showers, launches, anniversaries, exhibitions, hi-tea, casual get- together and many more.. Everyday is a celebration!

The Bliss Cupcakes offers some flavorful flavors and dazzling designs to tingle your every taste bud! To top it off, we will customize your order to your liking!

Let's enjoy this gastronomical sugar affair !